no idea..........again
  • i asked about this once before regarding the problem on assassins creed now ive found the same problem on uncharted drakes fortune and dark sector,for some reason the screen looks like its rolling down when you move the camera to look around,its a bit hard to explain really its like an old pc screen were it just rolls down all the time i cant work out if its the refresh rate thingey me bob or what but what ever it is its very very annoying :frown: :huh:
    i hope some one can help......please:)
  • It may be your tv starting to act up- do you have another set to try the PS3 on?
  • i hope its not the TV because i haven't had it that long :eek: ,i would try it on another tele but I've only got an hdmi cable...i gave the other one away.
    it only seems to be happening on the games that i mentioned so i dont think its the tele,the same thing happend when i downloaded drakes fortune :huh: