final fantsy 9 extra chocograph treasures
  • okay, so here's where i'm stuck:

    i'm on disc 3, about to head 2 the shrines.

    i took a detour from the main storyline to get [I]all[I] the chocographs.

    i got them all, and now im working on getting the extra treasures.

    ive got 6 of the 8 done, and i know that the one with zidane's ultimate weapon is not able to be opened till disc 4.

    the only one i cant get open is the one in the water, by quan's dwelling.

    i tried digging all over that area with the dead peppers, but no luck.

    do i need to wait till disc 4 to open it, or could there be something wrong with my game?

    please help!

    thanks alot,

  • Ok this is what you'll need to do: -

    When you're at Quans dwelling enter the cave. There should be an edge of the patio overlooking the ocean ok, when you get to this part of the patio you should be able to see the foaming water below. Search there and choose to use a dead pepper! Zidane will then re-appear on the world map, riding choco on the patio. Choose then to use a dead pepper and you will see choco dive into the foaming water and retrieve the treasure for you.

    Hope this will be able to help you.....:)