GT5 Update Problems !
  • Hi, I have just set up my new PS3 + GT5 prologue and all seems to be great except I cant get to the GT5 online action. It keeps telling me I have to download an update, which is fine, but it keeps failing after about 10 mins. I have downloaded demos from the Playstation shop with no problems at all but keep coming up against the same problem with the GT5 update.
    Please Help...
  • Chances are their server is being overloaded with people grabbing the update as the game was just released recently. For now I would suggest leaving it and try again later in the day or even tomorrow.
  • happened to me i just kept trying and worked fine but only worked when i was already in the game then pressed on online then worked fine does take ages though.
  • Cheers, I will keep on trying, failed about 20 times so far though, lol.
  • are you doing it when game first launches or in game?
  • I skip the first request and then try from the GTTV option, some people seem to have had more luck this way.
  • yeh once in game just click on online then then should do the trick i just tuerned of the tele went out came4 in later on and that time it was done might just be cos loads of people are trying to dowload it at the same time.
  • Just worked !!! Hooray, only took about 25 attempts, but worth the wait.
  • good stuff hope to see you on there mate ill kick cho ass hahahaha got me self a new impreza,c4,nissan gtr,evo9 and some lame dahatsu and suzuki
  • hi, i had the same problem. i found that it worked when i had 9gb free space because the data went from 53mb up to 8.7gb.