• when I try to connect to the internet on the ps3 it say ip address sucess internet connection failed what do I do
  • I'll need to know more about your set up, furball- are you connecting through a router, wired/ wireless connection, etc.

    You may also want to check through some of the other threads in this section- I've gone over topics such as this covering various ways to get things working as they should. It's possible you may need to put in some information manually on the PS3 and/ or your router.
  • it's wired connection and what is the primary dns number and thank you
  • Ok- are you going through a router or is it a direct connection to your modem?
  • ok i connected my ethrnet cable from my modem to the ps3 then i try to see if theres any connectiong but it say fail to connect pplease help.
  • direct connection tot the modem2 ps3
  • Ok, simple solution here- when you go making the switch with the ethernet cable, turn the modem off by unplugging its power. This will free up the information it gave to the computer and should get your PS3 online. You'll need to do that every time you switch between the computer and the PS3.
  • thats it i dont need to setup nothing ?
  • hey do you know where i can buy cheaper ps3 games?
  • Cheapest place I've seen online is eStarland- their prices are usually a few bucks cheaper than everyone else. I can't link you due to regulations but I'm sure you'll be able to guess the url. ;)

    That should take care of your problems, although you might want to put in the DNS server numbers yourself. You can get these by going to the command prompt in the windows start menu and type "ipconfig /all" (minus the quotes). Write down what that shows for both Primary and Secondary DNS servers- you could also get these from your net provider's tech support.
  • ok but my ddns adress is wrong can you help me out with that?
  • I explained up above how to find your DNS addresses. You may want to just call your ISP's tech support and ask them for the numbers, then you can put them into your PS3's connection settings.
  • so once the ethernet cable is in the ps3 then I unplugg the modem
  • When you do go to switch the ethernet from your computer to the PS3 unplug the modem first. Then, once you have the ethernet connected, plug it in again.
  • ok i will try thank you
  • hey i need some help getting through a game, but i cant find any walkthroughs on it. Can anyone tell me where to find a walkthrough for Red Ninja: End of Honor