• when your buying a game on the playstation store what is a wallet or how can i buy or how can i put money in it?
  • The wallet is just what it sounds like- a virtual wallet you put cash into to make purchases.

    To put cash into your PlayStation Store wallet you will need a credit card- as of yet they have not brought out the prepaid PlayStation Network cards other than for the Japanese region.

    To have in your credit card information on file go to the PlayStation Network icon on the PS3's menu and select "Account Management". In here select "Account Management" (sounds silly I know- blame Sony for that) and you will see a link to change your credit card information. Once you fill in all the fields there (number, expiry, name, security number) you will need to enter in the address that goes with the card. If this is off by even so much as a period where it shouldn't be or a letter not capped when it should be you will have to correct it (very fussy).

    If you do not want to have the card number on your PS3, when you do make a purchase in the store you will get a page saying you don't have enough funds in the wallet and a link to add more funds. Go there and you will enter in the information every time you buy something Eventually you will get to download your purchase.