I need help on the first level.
  • You guys should know how to do this. But I cant find the third green light to shoot. You know around the boobytraped sensors with c4 everywhere.
    I just need ot shoot one more of those green lights but I cant find it anywhere. When I get that I can go down to where metal Gear is. HELP!

    I know where the 2 bottom ones are. I have to neel to hit the first one on the right, then there is another one on the left but I have to lay face down to shoot that one. But I cant find the third one damn* it! :mad:
  • Ok, there are 2 on the floor and one that is towards the ceiling. The first is the one which is near the ceiling. Climb on top of the platform-type thing to the right of you (face it and hit action button) and you will see it towards the top right area. The other two on on the right and left side sitting on the floor.
  • Thanks but as soon as I posted this I found where it was. And now I am radien and I and going to the central core to rescue the president and hostages. :0