What have i missed
  • I'm at the point where Raiden has to freeze the C4, I've just done the one thats hiden underneath the plane on one of the strutts, I'm currently packing the M9 and the SOCOM, have I missed any weapons along the way, I have found ammo for other weapons but not the weapons themselves. :thumbsup:
  • No, I don't think that you have missed any weapons yet. You cross the same areas quite a few times so that is why those weapon boxes are already there.
  • If you think you've missed any weapons, check the warehouse (strut F - i think). I missed some chaff grenades from here early in the game & suffered the consequences. The sniper rifle (level 3 card required) should be one of the weapons found in this area.
  • AKs 74u-behind lvl 2 door on B1
    M4-behind lvl 2 door on lvl 1
    RGB6-lvl 3 door lvl 1
    PSG1-lvl 3 door lvl 1
    in easy mode you can get the PSG1T in the same room as the PSG1 :thumbsup: