• In the computer room, with the budgie (or whatever it is) why do you get cut scenes of a guard yawning and two guards talking?

    You can avoid them with the BDU equipped anyway.
  • When in the computer room a little while after I get the D.mic
    the gaurd patrolling the outer perimeter starts running around the perimeter like a madman.
  • I know what ya mean - that computer room had me puzzled as well, but i reckon its Hideo messing with ours heads again. Remember the room with the 'dead' guy on the floor and the ketchup from the first MGS ?
  • i think it's a way to get your attention on the bird thet will take part in the story later. i've noticed thet the bird is allways in the cut sences.

    i would run like crazy as well if i had to hear thet bird all the time. ;)
  • It's just giving you a heads up of the guard that is gonna run around the outer perimeter, so you can dodge him when he comes around to stop him from bashing into you, which would result in your disguise coming off because it does not fit Raiden properly.
  • That does make sense Newish, so the scene with the two guards arguing could indicate where the D.Mic is; but what about the part where the cut scene focuses on the red light on the lift door (next to the guard) - whats that all about ?