Another router issue, desperate for help.
  • I have a PS3 connected to comcast interenet through a router and cannot connect to the playstation network or to any other players. I have been reading bulliten after bulliten from several different pages and no one can help me. My browser and internet work perfectly but when I try to play anyone one on any games, it will not connect us. I've been trying to play NBA 2K8 and Call of Duty 4 (which is the best game out) online, neither will work at all. I tried placing my PS3 into the DMZ of my router and setting the port fowarding already and both did nothing. When I test my interent connection the playstion network says succeeded, NAt Type 2 and everything looks good. The router model is a Netgate CG814WG V2, which was supplied by comcast, do I need to get a different router? This has been going on for about 3 weeks now and I'm out of ideas, please contact me asap I'll try anything at this point. Thank you for your time.
  • Netgate? Are you sure you don't mean Netgear?

    I would definitely suggest a different router- two of the better brands to go with are Linksys and D-Link. Sounds like you have a compatibility problem with that one.
  • Is there any other way you would know of to connect to the PS Network using the ARRIS phone box supplied by Comcast? It has an ethernet port in the back and says it's compatible with broadband internet, but when tried to establish a connection with the ethernet cord it kept failing to connect. Would I have to install the software for it on my laptop in order to use it with my PS3? If not I guess I'll be investing in a new router. Oh and I meant Netgear, my bad.
  • Could you tell me the model number of the Arris box? It will make it easier to look up specs/ details about it.