• I thought i'd say that the ps3 is the best thing i ever brought and i even went mad with buying games but theres only 2 coming out that i will purchase. Mercernaries 2 and GTA 4, i wasnt really a big fan or MGS!!!
    I use most of my free time in Warhawk and i cant wait for them to bring out more maps and weapons. I'm probably boring you all to tears but i just started a clan called the numpties and i would like for more members (i only have one at the mo) so i can have help kicking more a**e because a lot of people dont play fair so if you can add me (flody) to your buddy list i would be very appreciated.
    Thank you:p
  • we alreadyhave one on warhawk and for most online games API that is what we tend to use for warhawk mind you only 2 or 3 people last time i checked but got abig crowd going on cod4 again API is used is that your psn name "flody" ?