Greyscale display problem
  • I have a DTL-H1202 Debugging Station (Green) which I believe is pretty much the same as the consumer SCPH-1002 model but with RevisionC graphics hardware.

    It works perfectly well but is only outputting a greyscale display when using composite video (RGB out is perfect). It is not a PAL/NTSC problem as my other debugging station (Blue DTL-H1002) works perfectly on all screens.

    A greyscale display points to a possible problem with the CXA1645 encoder IC (perhaps the lack of a colour clock signal?) but it seems unlikely an IC would fail? The unit is in great condition and have never been modified in any way. All motherboard traces seem ok too with a meter.

    Does anyone have any ideas or what might be wrong? Could a faulty CXA1645 be the problem or is it more likely to be something else?

    Thanks in advance for any help,

  • Sounds like you know a lot more than me about these debug units, Musashi. Never had to deal with those before.

    It could be possible for that or something else to fail on the board over time- the circuitry is somewhat delicate overall. It may also be a problem with the composite cable itself- if you have another you could try switching out.