• Hi Anyone
    I have ps3 cannot start the correct hard disk was not found
    Can anyone here fix this.
  • Forums aren't quite as quick as real-time chat, buasak- patience. B)

    The connection to the hard drive may not be quite right- open the side hatch to the drive (after disconnecting everything of course ;) ) and slide the hard drive out- a quick shove to the right using the flip-out handle and it will slide clean out in the tray.

    Now insert the drive back in, making sure it is as tight as it will go, hook up and restart the system. If you still get the error the problem is in the hard drive itself- if you are under warranty (less than a year old and have your receipt) Sony should replace the drive for you free of charge. Of course, this may also be a good excuse to boost the drive up a bit and stick something bigger in. The PS3 uses normal 2.5" SATA notebook computer hard drives at 5400 RPM- you can find some good deals at sites like newegg.com.