Ak-74u where is it?
  • Hi guys a little help if you please, where can I find the
    AK-74u? Do I need to take one from a guard or can I just pick one up elsewhere? I tried to take one from a guard but all he would give me was his dogtags.

    Thanks for your time.
  • Remember those Level 2 doors in the lower part of Strut F?That's where you'll find it,now that you got the pass card from the "ninja".
  • the AKS-74U is in the bottom floor north room of strut F just to the east of strut A
  • Thanks guys, but I'm already in the shell 1 core. Now I have to go back and get it. Past those d**n trap doors on the connecting bridge and the flying cameras.

    Wish me luck, thanks.