• Can somebody help get across the connecting bridge to find the president? I'm missing a sensor loaded with semtex because I keep blowing up. I've hit 7 of them but obviously there are more.

    I'm on the normal difficulty level.

    I'm standing on the deck. There's one behind me(1) then there are two (2)(3) on the stairs on the left side. Then there's one in front of me on this tall tank thing(4). There's one almost hidden on the floor off to the left side(5). Then there's one way on the other side on the wall on the left side(6) and finally there is one the right side way on the other side almost hidden by seagulls(7). I can't find any more. Can you help me?


  • I also couldn't find the last one but i did finally.

    It is behind the blowing 'Sons Of Liberty' flag. Shott at the flag and you should hit the box with green light..
  • Thank you Evil Resident I'm off to save the president.............

  • Good Luck Johny on saving the President :thumbsup:

    You might just do it if you're good enough :D

    The President needs you, go save the world Johny.