• Ok I'm a little confused. Why doesn't Snake take a shot at Vamp on the oil fence? I mean come on he is very close and has a clear shot. When you call him on the Codec his respose is "...", Its not that Emma is blocking a shot from him. I guess that it would take away from "the Boss" fight thingy if Snake did all the work but maybe Hideo should had Snake "leave" before Vamp got there. Oh well, just wondering your point of view on this subject.
  • Although this may not be correct but it's just my opinion as you asked for. Well technically I have 2 reasons why, 1 opinionated and 1 logical.

    My opinion is that Snake was testing Raiden he really didn't give a crap but he was just there to help you.

    The logical reason would be that the game would be easier that way. Except he kicks ass and rules all hell at the end of the game but that's a different story...
  • Ok thats fine to test Raiden, but at Emmas expense? Don't think so. As for your second opinion thats what I already said, but why couldn't the team at Konami have Snake leave before Vamp got there?
  • It might've just been a technical error or an overlook in the plot because there doesn't seem to be a reason otherwise. You're right that Snake wouldn't risk Emma with Vamp. All we know is that the reason he didn't take a shot is because the game would be much easier that way. For the reason why he didn't leave is mindboggling because I wouldn't think Hideyo would be careless like that. Is it possible something was in his way?
  • Possible Spoiler........

    Isn't it at about that time in the game when Snake is talking to Ogla? Cause later in the game, just after Raiden is being toucted (sp?)
  • What she says is "when you were holding hands with that girl"

    No nothing was in his way. dgooden0 If you had read my first post a little more closely you would have read that he had a clear shot. It shows that Snake had a clear shot during the scene just after Vamp grabs Emma.
  • Well iv got the pal version (wether this is relevent i dont no but)and if u shoot vamp he looks at u then snake shoots though most of the time iv taken head shots and he goes out on about 6 on hard and 1 on v.easey i think its just snake takes a ###### long time to take aim
  • i think the game is more fun when its not so easily to complete so its best that snake does't take a shot but there should of been a good reason why near the end of the game to make it more interesting.
    And i have started again on extreme and iam nearly at the part where ur taking about so this should be more fun !!!
  • It could have been that snake had no bullets left.
  • Yeah but Snake takes out his Socom and starts blastin away the Cyphers. He just could have pulled out the gun and blast away... Plus (I'm contradicting myself here) Snake might have not taken the shot because he was sniping some Cyphers that where floating around...Also Kojima left most of the game to the little thing called an Imagination...Something some of us don't have.