• im now in part 3 of this game and im playing chris. im now in the airport and i have to get the bridge to move by filling 7 litres of oil for the bridge to work but there is only a 3 litre and 5 litres barrels nothing else. can anyone tell me how to make 7 litres out of this? :(
  • This does take a bit of finangling and is one of the trickier puzzles in the game- at least until you do the math.

    Use the three twice to get the 10 up to the 6 meter mark. Now take the 5 and put that in the 10 gauge. Once you do this press down to empty the 10 gauge.

    This should leave you with 1 liter left in the 5 gauge- empty that along with two 3's in to make your 7.