• hi

    any hints cheats on gt5 prologue eg bonus cars how to get money quicker etc
  • There are no cheats that we know of for this game yet- considering how new a release this is (hasn't even come out in North America just yet) it may be a bit before anything like that gets revealed.
  • just get fast car do class A on speed ring get 20,000 thats the quickest and easirest way that ive found
  • or get to class s and do the same race for 32.500Cr lol easy money.
  • idnt notice that to be honest as soon as got to class S just went online on expert races 700points dont play single player anymore
  • Were you able to beat all the Class S races? I can't seem to beat the P700 races. Any advice as to what car is best suited for these races? I like the way the ferarri F430 drives, but it doesn't have the horse power to get up to 700 points. Even with the HP cranked in the quick tune menu and the weight as low as it will go it only gets up to 680. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.