another ff9 side quest
  • okay,

    so this time its about the friendly monsters side quest.

    1)im in disc 4, and im not sure which ones ive run into.

    but every time i run into the friendly yan, he runs away and tells me that i
    need 2 run into the rest of his pals.

    is there any way to find out which ones i need to get?

    and 2) ive spent nearly 2 hours on each area, and they still dont show up.

    is there a way to make them show up more often?

    thank u so much,

  • Ok so yeah Yan will run away until you've found all 8 of the other land spirits. So, as you don't know which ones you have here's a list of all of the other land spirits you'll need to find before being able to talk to Friendly Yan, hopefully with a little time you'll be able to find them all...;)

    1.) Small Squirrel (Brown Mu) - Its in the forests and plains between Ice Cavern and Dali and will want an ore stone to make it happy.

    2.) White Ghost - Its Outside Treno in the plains (don't go into the forest), or it may be near the south gate. An ore stone will also be required to make this one happy.

    3.) Colour Ladybug - Its in the forest surrounding the Black mage village. It will want 2 ore stones to make it happy.

    4.) Green Yeti - Its in the bigger Forest outside Madain Sari and wants 2 ores.

    5.) Green Nymph - Its in the forest near Iifa tree area and wants 3 ores.

    6.) Purple Jabberwork - Its in the forest east of Oeivell(Oeilvert), and wants an Emerald.

    7.) Feather circle - Its in the Ice continent, near the chocobo tracks. It wants a moon stone.

    8.) Rainbow Garuda - Its in the Forest facing east on the plateau, outside of Gizamaluke's grotto after climbing rope. It wants Lapis Lazuli.

    9.) (This is Yan who will only speak to you when you've met all of the above)...Yan - Its in Vile Island and will want a Diamond.

    A way to make them show up more often is to fight a couple of battles in the area, and make sure you don't hit the friendly monsters or else they'll run away. Other than that Patience is key here...;)

    Making all of these happy will get you lots of AP's (so equip well when you recieve the rewards to make getting these AP's much more beneficial) and will also make the fight with Ozma in Chocobo Sky Garden a lot easier as you'll be able to hit him with physical attacks...:)

    Hope this is of help to you. Good luck...;)