Linear PCM or Bitstream?
  • I was just wondering what you guys would recomend I set my audio options to: Linear PCM or Bitstream. I have an Onkyo TX-SR705 receiver with HDMI connection and a 7.1 speaker set up and I've just downloaded firmware version 2.30 which is supposed to support the new HD codecs: DTS Master Audio and Dolby True HD. The icon doesn't show on my reciever on Bitstream and PCM Multichannel. Only the standard DTS shows up when on Bitstream. I love watching movings in Linear PCM as I find they have a much more natural sound with very discrete channels, the bitstream sounds so noisy with all the sound upfront.
  • You have adjusted between both Linear PCM and Bitstream, i take it, in the BD/ DVD Settings? You may have to do some experimenting with the checkboxes down in Audio Settings, checking the Linear PCM boxes.

    You say you prefer the Linear PCM's sound so definitely go for that.