Knocked out guards
  • Anyone have an idea how long the guards stay knocked out after a shot with the M9? Do multiple shots make him stay down longer?

    Thanks for your time.
  • Multiply shots do not matter, count the Z's above his head and when they reach 1 get the F*** out of there! I only played the demo, but the same concept is the same! Also to have some fun shot out there radio when they are walking (it is on the right buttocks, heh) and hold them up. Shoot their arms, legs, and hold them up for some fun! Also wake guards up by spraying coolent in their face, great for getting dog tags. All dog tags get you a wig which gets you infinite ammo!
  • Thanks, but I'm looking for an actual time limit, something like 2 minutes, 5 minutes. Just like to know so I can time how long I can search a room before I have to get out.

    Once again thanks for you time.

    P.S. I will check as soon as I can, just figured if someone had already checked or knew than I wouldn't have to sit there and time it.
  • There's no real time limit, but once you knock someone out with the M9, youll have enough time to walk around that room 5 million times, in other words it just lasts long enough for you to get what you need to do done.
  • Just want to throw something in too. The guards wake up quicker in the difficulties. If on very easy, they are dead to the world. Normal I am guessing that it lasts for a minute and a half at most (exact time unknow). Very hard I am not sure but it may be 10-30 seconds.
  • Thanks guys, maybe if I'm bored somtime I'll time how long they stay down. I'll post it in this thread if your interested.

    Once again thanks for your time.
  • If there is a gaurd on the Aft Deck of the ship then i just throw him off. It is usually a good form of entertainment. Just drag abunch of bodys over to the loading door, and just throw them out one by one. If there inside and i already have the USP then i know them out and check the surronding area, and if there is no one around to here the gun shot then BAM!. I put a bullet right through his skull. But doing that really works on the sensitve side of your mind.
  • Well I guess I was bored today 'cause here are the times for tranquilized and knocked out guards.

    Tranquilized Guards
    Very Easy & Easy: 9 minutes
    Normal: 5 minutes
    Hard & Extreme: 3 minutes

    Knocked Out Guards
    Very Easy & Easy: 1 minute
    Normal, Hard & Extreme: 30 seconds

    *Please note that all times are approximate.*


    Do multiple shots make him stay down longer?[/b]

    Shooting a guard again with the M9 will "reset" the Z's. Meaning if he has already been down for 4 1/2 minutes (normal difficulty) and you shoot him again he will not get up for another 5 minutes.