• we do not know how to get out of the big room near the begining the one with the hoover vehicle
  • You have to jump into the hover vehicle and drive over the 5 red squares on the floor. This moves a platform into position at the far end of the room. Once this is done grapple up to the right and out into the hallway to grab a storm trooper helmet from the dispenser. Head back in and grapple to the left platform to activate the storm trooper-only lock.
  • no platform appears when we go over the five squares.
  • You have to make sure they are all lit to make the platform move- to do this you must use the hover vehicle. Line up and quickly go over the squares to get all at once.

    You may have to do some shoving into place first. You should see a blue device in the hatchmarked area- shove this into the circle at the right end. Once that is done push on the green side of the panels sticking out of the structure in front of it. This activates a blue platform.