Tell secrets of mgs2
  • tell the secrets you know about the game
    i'll start off with one-if you punch the bottom left locker in shell 1 core, B2, until it falls off, 5 books fall off
  • While in the tanker, take pictures of the Vulcan Raven Doll and the Captain to get some funny incerpts from Otacon when you upload the pics. The second time through the tanker mission, all of the men in the last area with the Metal Gear don't wear pants but rather just their boxers. Go into first person while battling Fatman and at one point you'll see birds pecking at his head, when he's standing there. I have more but i can't think of them right now. I'll post when i remember more of them. Well, i hope that you enoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • The easiest way to get dogtags is to tranquilize them, use the coolant to wake them up, while they are getting up quickly switch to weapon and point it at them. Just make sure that you are behind them as this is the only way that I've done it so I don't know if they will sound the alarm if your in front of them when they get up.
  • in the engine room, there is a gaurd looking at a poster on the wall with binoculars. also, after you first enter the engine room, go down to the middle level. walk north to the edge of the platform and face west to see another poster. shooting either one will cause them to explode, sending you into alert mode! :laugh:
  • leave a locker with a model open in the tanker locker room. if the soldiers enter in a clearing mission, they will stare at the poster for a while and leave! :laugh:
  • if your in a locker with a poster, press R1 and Snake/Raiden will kiss it!
  • equipping the B.D.U. before a cutscene will let you be wearing it for the duration
  • getting dog tags unlocks special items like the unlimmited ammo bandanna 4 snake some ull need to get all the tags on a certain difficulty to get others u'll have to collect so many dogtags and u'll unlock loads of unlimitedammo,grip,ect wigs 4 raiden :D
  • When swimming in the flooded section of Shell 2 Core, occasionally when you come up at the breathing holes, if you look closely, you'll see a rubber ducky floating around
  • This aint really a secret but it is a funny thing...
    When u are taking out the semtex with ur sniper rifle, dont shoot the semtex just shoot the birds and u will get an angry message...
  • after starting playing raiden; after taking the elevator you'll find your self on the roof of sector A with all the birds.
    try running on the birds #### and see raiden slipping on his ass.
    also try doing an attack role(forword+X) upon an up going stairs to see him crash on his back.
    not a secret but funny.
  • After you complete the game once, go back and play again to see the marines in Hold no.3 in their underwear, and when you play the third time, Snake and/or Raiden will be wearing sunglasses! I will post more secrets as I discover them.
  • Heres one i found : On the roof of strut A (as Raiden with goggles), look up in first person mode where seaguls are flying around, wait a liittle while for a unpleasant surprise!
  • this isn't really a secret, and it doesnt affect the game in the slightest, but when in the bathrooms (Strut C Dining area), if you can use the hand dryers! Just stand beside them. Once again, this game has suprised me with its incredible detail. I seem to discover something new every time I play! :2silly:
  • In the first area as Raiden (where you come out of the water) there should may be a shaver you can pick up. This will be given to Snake (in the cuts scene) when you meet him.
  • Plant some C4 on the floor in the middle of some sea lice go into first-person-veiw and detonate it. Wait for the surprise!!! One other thing regarding the shaver I have given it to Snake before but he doesn't use it!!! I check in the cut scenes and he still has that stupid beard!!! Why won't he shave? He looks retarded with that beard.

    Addition since March 29th 2002, 03:37.

    Doing pull-ups will increase your grip level. Find a ledge to hang off of and do 100 pull-ups and you will get a Codec call confirming that your grip level has gone up. Do 100 more and the same will happen. Grip level 3 is the highest you can go.
  • On the tanker go in the locker with the picture and go into 1st person view then call the codec and you will see snake doing the unthinkable!~!~! :2silly:
  • If you dart E.E. after the swimming part and lie on top of her call Octocan and he'll scold you!Also (from what Ive heard) If you get all the dog tags in Hard mode you get the FAMAS!
  • Look at any model picture with Snake in first person view and call Otacon. I couldn't believe this one...
    It doesn't work with Raiden though.
    Snake, Snake, should be ashamed of yourself.
  • When you first meet Snake, try pointing your Socom at him while he sleeps to see what he does.

    When you are in Strut C : Dining Room (where you meet Stillman and Snake) after the cut scene follow Snake and watch him sneak across the connecting bridge (leading to Shell 2) in a box or shoot the box and watch him move even faster across. You will also find a guard Snake has knocked out !!
  • Another few came to mind:

    Theres a point in the game where you will come across a smelly guard with flys swarming around him (Deck C :crews lounge : next 2 stairs leading to Engine Room) . Get close enough and the flys start swarming around you for a while. Note : The guard with the flies swarming round, is also a good Ration provider.

    Check the computers in the computer room and see what the guards been up to.

    Shoot Olga or Fatman in the head after you've beaten them and then call Octacon - he's not too happy about it.

    My favourite , press R1 (for positive thoughts) and R2 (for negative) during Codec converstaions. Snake/Raiden will say what they really think - very funny !!
  • If you see a bunch of roaches, trow a grenade on them, and then watch the grenade explode in first person... :D
  • In the 1st hold on the tanker get to the 3rd hold by shimmying across the overhead wires and you can get really good picture of Metal Gear Ray. You also can get the dog-tag of a guard up here. But the best part of this (Get ready for the spoiler) is if you look behind Ray's leg you can see Ocelot in hiding ready for his big FMV entrance. But no you can't shoot him (Doh!)
  • When you are defusing the c4's with Raiden call Snake(Pliskin) a couple of times and he will eventually tell you that "Vamp" is bisexual. :ph34r:
  • when you get to the sniping part help Emma get behind the first building the take out your d.mic and point it in that direction ( Emma thinks Raiden is wearing a wig)! :ph34r:
  • collecting all the dogtags on all difficulties gets you Snake's and Raiden's stealth suit (you know the suit that made Snake invisible in the opening scene). B)
  • Well here is something I found out totally by accident. Moving the right analog stick will move the map of the "Big Shell" while you have the game paused.

    Thought that it was pretty cool. Don't know if it helps all that much but still pretty cool.