Is there any way to get a non logitech wheel working with GT5:p???
  • Because I only have a normal one and I don't really want to buy a new one. By
    the way my PSN ID is the same as my username.

    Thank You
  • First question i should ask is what wheel are you trying to get to work? There are some of the third party wheels that just will not work with the PS3 at all and some will work with PS2 games and not PS3.
  • I am trying to get this wheel to work Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel 3 in 1 (PS3/PS2/PC): PC & Video Games , it works with every other game I have tried but not this one.
  • You may be running into the problem I mentioned above regarding unlicensed accessories. Being a Sony- published game they may not have included support for that particular wheel. I don't think there is anything you can do.
  • Thank you anyway
  • By the way is there any other wheels other that logitech that might work because they are a bit pricey???
  • The only wheel I can see working with it is the one made by Logitech for the PS2. Unfortunately
    GT 5: prologue seems to support very few, if any, third party wheels. The Logitech wheel, having been made specifically for Sony, should work. You will miss out on some features that are on the new wheel like the tune-on-the-fly dial.