rainbow 6 and rainbow 6 2
  • whats the difference between the two?
    not alot really i dont think you seem to be running around the same looking places in two as you were in one,the graphics are no better second time round i would have thought there would have been a bit of an improvement but sadly not.
    i still seem to be getting sound issues in the second one as in the first one were the gun fire goes qiute now and again in the same places....whats that all about :huh:.
    as for the AI its terrible,drop a grenade next to one of them and they rarely do a thing,rainbow 6 was fine before COD4 but with rainbow six 6 2 it just seems like a repeat of the first and yet another let down and a lot of money wasted..........again,one day i wll learn to rent games :( one day
  • A lot of people have been saying this about the second outing for Rainbow Six Vegas. However, the Graphics HAVE improved i thought, and there are certain elements in there like the new and improved rank system that i feel gives it the edge over its predecessor. Still, its a matter of opinion and i cant put up too much of a defense as i do think it is a lot like the first Vegas. But what was everyone expecting? I still believe its better than the first one, and the first was a very good game.
  • From what I read, if you have the 1 don't bother with the 2 unless you really into that type of game.

    I read some interview where the developers actually said that if they had more time on vegas 1 it would have most prob had the stuff that is in vegas 2. Not a very good comment to say in an interview imo.
  • WHY WHY WHY didnt some one tell me this before i went out and wasted yet another forty quid on a crappy game :(
  • Is it just me or does anyone else think that the rainbow Six vegas (the first one) is complete $hit??

    I am a great fan of the previous games on the Xbox. I have found the graphics to be crap for a playstation3 and the gameplay too was nowhere near as good as the previous games? I dont think I would give the game even 5 out of 10
  • Well, i thought the first Rainbow Six Vegas was a good game, but i must say that was primarily because of the online multiplayer. The online multiplayer, its safe to say drove the game and all the sales it had. In my opinion the singleplayer was nothing special so i cant oppose your view there...;)

    RSV was a bit of a lame port to the PS3 and this did affect the graphics, but that cant be said for the gameplay.
  • I just ordered Rainbow Vegas 6 2 Pal version via ebay... I did not have the 1st one so I want to give it a try after reading a few reviews.
  • Its a great game online, and they have significantly improved the single player in this one to the first one in my opinion. Hope you have fun...:)
  • Well i am playing it and I can say it is a very nice game to play. Keep in mind that I did not play the 1st one, so the not original thingy does not apply to me much.

    I am enjoying both the online and story mode; and had a nice bash at the terrorist hunt with the split screen. My wife and myself had a laugh at this.

    If you dont have Vegas 1 and like the team thingy and FPS, its a nice buy (especially from ebay :p )
  • rainbow six for pc was brilliant the last half decent rainbow six was 3 youve got to play the series and realise there both cr$p