playstation network card
  • how to get playstation network card:confused:
  • At the moment they are not being widely distributed- according to a recent post by Peter Dille over at the official PlayStation blog they are getting the cards out to retailers now. Give it a few more weeks and we should be seeing them in stores and available online.
  • is this instead of using a credit card?
  • Yes, steel- these will work just like the points cards for XBox Live and the Wii. You input the code found on the back of the card (hidden under a patch of latex to scratch off) in the proper place under Account Management and your wallet will be instantly filled with cash.

    I haven't seen anything on when these cards will be arriving in the UK. However, in North America they do seem to be slowly getting out (seen a picture elsewhere someone took when they found the cards on a gift card rack in a local gas station). The cards in North America are in two denominations, $20 and $50.
  • Its a great gift idea and an alternative for a credit/debit card for a lot of people. Sony will make a lot of money out of these i guess, so its a surprise they werent released sooner, however its good that there finally coming out, if only in NA for the time being...:rolleyes:
  • when is it coming out in the usa
  • As i mentioned above, furball, they are slowly getting out in North America now. Keep checking around and you will eventually find them.