Do u know any cheats?
  • i have completed the game before but wana know if there are any cheats like to get all the dog tags or something??

    if so email me at [email][/email]
  • Sorry Lovekins there are no "cheats" for this game, the only "cheats" for this game are the ones you unlock via the dogtags. I have seen some discrepancy in the number of dogtags needed for each "cheat" but if you try for them all then you will for sure unlock the various "cheats" in the game.

    The reason I put cheats in brackets is only due to the fact that typically cheats are simply codes that you can put in to give you various things (unlimited ammo, invinciblity and such), whereas the cheats in Metal Gear Solid 2 are ones that you need to unlock.

    If your asking about Gameshark cheats then the wrong guy is answering this question as I have no idea about Gameshark cheats for this game.
  • hey np
    i just brought this new dvd 4 the ps2 and it gives you all the items like bandana and all the rest so thanks anyway.
  • Where'd you get that dvd? What's it called?
  • Hey I have no clue If there are i seriously doubt it though mabe on game shark well bye!~!~!~!