Uzi Money Mission
  • Can't find any Nines, whenever I start the mission and looking for them. They don't show up only when I drive far away, show up on the screen, and when I come back to the area, they disappear or go away, Help me, I think this is the last one I have to do to complete the game.... :angry:
  • have you played through D-Ice's levels before in an earlier game? There's a glitch in the game where if you've finished these levels and start the game over, the Purple Nines will disappear. The only way to get them back is to delete the entire GTA3 file from the PS2 Browser Menu and start the game from scratch.
    If you haven't played through this part before, i'm not sure why they won't show up. Have you tried driving around the hideout or have you been looking for them near the phone? I find more of them in the hideout area, just keep circling the block and their vans don't usually start ramming until i'm nearly finished.
  • Hummmmmmm, I was having that problem too! In the first game that is.... I have just started my second game so I will check out what you have said juggleknot... thanks for the tip! ;)

  • There are a bunch of Nines right by your house actually! But make sure you dont kill the Red Jackets cause they get very angry. Just stop by your house and get around the street. Whole bunch of em.
  • Can someone help me out please, I don't understand what to do in this mission :( can somebody reply telling me what to do because I just don't get it.
  • Zig - you have to kill a certain number of Purple Nine's (gang members with purple jackets on) in a limited time using only the uzi drive-by technique.

    I found that if you stay in the area of the phone - other vehicles hit you a lot more, which obviously makes the mission much harder.

    (with the phone on your right hand side) Drive down the road until it bends to the right and then just kill 9's on this stretch. I found there was generally more 9's here and less trouble from other vehicles.

  • Cheers for the info gideon I did it earlier on today but i'm not sure that I saved it i'll have to go check later, anyway thanks again bye.