PSP power/MS/WIFI lights always on but no screen or sound?
  • Hi there. First time poster so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere!

    I've got a bit of a problem with a 1001 PSP. When I switch the unit on, all I get is the power light staying lit but with no sound or display. If I insert a MS into the slot and power the system on, again the power light stays lit but then also the MS light and WIFI light are permanently lit. Can anyone help with what this problem might be? Thanks!
  • I hate to say it but something is probably disconnected inside and the PSP will have to be sent to Sony for repairs/ replacement. If you are not under warranty (one year from purchase and have your receipt) you will have to pay them a fee for shipping and labour. The tech support can tell you how much this is on the phone.
  • Thanks for the assistance - I had a nasty feeling it was something like that :(

    Just as an aside; another little problem with a 1003 PSP I've got too - it won't charge from the mains. I've had it apart and tried replacing everything I can (I've got a few spares salvaged lol!) but still nothing. Can anyone suggest anything I'm missing?
  • Not sure i want to ask what you are doing to your PSPs to have several around for parts. :eek:

    Only thing I can think of is the battery may not be getting the full connection for the charger- it may be a loose wire/ connection someplace or the battery itself is toast.
  • Are you using the right charger, or have you got it switched somewhere?
  • Oh no, it's nothing sinister re: the spare parts/multiple PSPs...I just like the challenge of taking broken/faulty/bricked ones and sorting them out. This usually results in a few spare parts from those that are sadly beyond repair.

    As for the charger - no it's not a official Sony one but it's a Kodak one that has the same voltage/amps as the PSP and has happily charged many a PSP in the past. Guess this PSP is a little more delicate than others!
  • yes, always use the official charger/ ac adapter that comes with the PSP. Most likely something is now fried using that Kodak.
  • You really think so? I did check the voltage/amps before using it so I was confident that it wasn't going to damage the PSPs I've used it with. Still, perhaps I'll source a Sony replacement for in the future.
  • That Kodak charger may have been giving the juice faster than the PSP can take safely- the charger that comes with the PSP gives the charge at a specific rate to safely charge it.
  • Yeah thats definitely the problem. Use the official charger always in future.