• I Come Out Of I Cave To A Open Area Were Ther Is A River In A Larger Cave With A Stone Bridge, When I Go To Walk Over The Bridge Dinosaur Comes Out Of The Water And It Kills Me Every Time, I Try Kill It But It Kills Me First. I Can't Run Away.

    Please Help
  • Could you tell us what part of the game you are stuckon, e.g the Lost Land or Bad blood etc..?
  • sounds like the bit that was on the demo ?
  • I Think Its Lostland
  • Hmm i'm not sure which part you mean. The only thing i suggest is to beat the big boss dinos you'll need to stay away from them and shoot them from a distance. Always be wary of their attacks but just keep shooting it until it falls onto its side. You will then most likely need to run up to it, draw your knife and complete an auto-kill..

    I hope this is of some help...:)
    If your still stuck try posting as much information as to where you are as possible.
  • no this is beyond the little dinos, i travel through small caves and kill little dinos along the way, in till it opens up to a large cave with a river of water when i approch this stone bridge the game takes over and turns me to look at my partner a lost back before the caves and he signels to me to hide and the dino comes out of the water breaks the bridge and attacks me i try to kill it but it finely kills me there is no way out but fight it. i keep dying.

    thanks for your help
  • This is the same area that was in the demo, The Lost Land, first level of the game.

    When fighting the dinos the hunting knife may be the better choice of weapon- when doing a kill animation you can't be hurt by a melee attack. You may need to use the evasive roll to avoid some attacks.
  • I Will Try Again