Have You Beat FFX Yet?
  • I finally did it people, after getting Xenogears I dont know what drove me to pop in FFX and beat it. Oh yeah I remmember, my friend got FFX (with a stradegy guide) the day I desided to beat it.
    What did you think about the ending? I thought it was okay..... I mean it could have been better, I wanted to see where Tidus went. i was kind of sad :( to see the rest of the gang without Tidus and Auron around at the end. But, I dont know what do you think?
  • Tidus went to the farplane with Auron where he met up with Jecht and Braska. I am disapointed with the ending. I think it could have been better.
  • Yeah, I have a movie demo were they show the making of FFX and the creator says that people whould play all the way through, because the ending is good. No, it was kind of blan.
    So, tidus dies and goes to the farplane with auron and his dad and stuff huh? Well I guess I can say that it isnt like a normal ending I guess. You know guy saves the world, gets the at the end and stuff like that.
  • No where in that ending do i see Tidus dying.....Did you not see him in the water at the end? Well....I know that the PAL gamers know what REALLY happened to Tidus since FFX: International has the epilogue(or prologue depending on how you look at it) which has another "ending with it. Square has two FFX sequels planned. One is codenamed Rikku's story and the other is Yuna's story so we'll have to see what happens...Oh...and i know what really happened to Tidus...heh, heh...Gotta love subtitled japanese versions. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • After such a great game, I too was a little disappointed with the ending. I don't like to be left hanging. I also wanted them to be together (I am just a sentimental old fart).
  • What really happend?
  • You will find most of that out in the sidestories that i mentioned before when they're released. Only one huge *SPOILER* Tidus is not dead...nor has he disappeared....but the Al Behd will play a large part in what has happened to him...Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • You get so pumped about beating a rpg right? You beat the whole game and you might
    be happy or you might be disspointed. I was dispointed at the ending. I also don't like to be hanging
    at the end of a good rpg.
  • Yup I just beat it tonite and do have to say was pretty displeased with the ending, You got left hanging like there was supposed to be a sequel tsk tsk Squaresoft at least the other FF's that I played ended that story at the end of the game, new FF new story. I dont think I could bare 2 ff's with the same characters it would be too much for me to handle, they usually arent my favorite game characters
  • Well, I'm Portuguese, so I live in Europe, which means I have the International version of the game, so I've heard. Right? Though there's no such thing on the cover saying: "INTERNATIONAL" but it's the European version and I've just finished the game and I did not see nothing special at the ending... the final FMV, the speech etc etc, the credits, Tidus on the water and "The End" screen appears with the piano tune... and that was all for FFX in my PS2, at that living room at 2:00 am... so I ask... WHAT'S the big deal with the International version? We DO have a Bonus DVD with the game, with cool stuff, like FFX trailers, Kingdom Hearts Trailers, the video clip of "Suteki Da Ne" and a bit more... so... tell me! :ph34r:
  • So they don't even give you the full set ehh? Well, if i do tell you then it may spoil the upcoming direct sequels to FFX as i'm not sure if they don't begin with what the Japanese got in their version of FFX: International. If you still must know though then let me know and i'll let you know but be warned that it very well might be a spoiler to the sequels. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Are the sequals going to be internet based like FFXI or is it going to be like a normal PS2 game?
  • FFXI is the only planned online title that Square is working on....even FFXII will not be an online title. The two sequels will be just like a regular PS2 game. Well, i hope that you enjoy pposting and have fun gaming.