• A lot of people have been talking about these. Could someone please tell me what they are? And what do they do?...Thanks...;)
  • The Konami ID is a special username Konami is requiring for use in the Metal Gear Online beta. When you go into the MGO beta on the PS3 you should be seeing a selection to sign up for a Konami ID (or just go to Konami ID and register on the computer).

    Their servers have been hit very hard for this (apparently someone forgot how many people would be interested) so you will have a bit of a fight on your hands to get registered at the moment.
  • yeh dosent work at all
  • Oh, thanks for telling me i'll give it a go but like you said. I'm not holding out much hope just yet...:)
  • me neither,keep trying to download the update but no joy.
  • oh right i got the update but cant get the ID first time ever let me fill out the first part of the form then wouldnt let me go anyy further the B*STARDS !
  • Well, you have time to get things together- as i reported on the news page, the start of the beta for both Europe and North America got delayed because their servers couldn't handle the load. At present the expected start is now April 26 and will run until May 11 (instead of May 5/6 as originally scheduled).
  • not long to play it just presumed would last forever, bit gutted really
  • Nothing lasts forever, Sam, you know that. This is especially true in beta tests. Be glad they extended the time to make it the same length as if things actually worked as planned. ;)
  • im crying boo hoo , but yeh no what you mea is this gouing to be what the new metal gears online is?
  • got my ID, can't get the update, did you download from server or P2P Sam?

    Tried loads of time but no joy!!!
  • sfjp@hotmail.co.uk said:
    im crying boo hoo , but yeh no what you mea is this gouing to be what the new metal gears online is?

    Things like this happening are why they test first. ;) Now that they know what sort of demand may be out there for the online component they will be beefing up their server access to hopefully meet the demand of the final product.
  • I'm still downloading the update too, so in a way i'm glad they delayed AND extended the beta. As for the Konami ID, i had a look last night and no luck? Hopefully in the next week or so Konami may be able to do something about that?
  • Just read a report that says they seem to have things stabilized and people are able to get in to register a Konami ID now.
  • Aha, nice, thanks for the update Lyn...:D
  • The Konami site is up and running fast, unlike a couple of days ago when it was hit with great mass by..probably couple million people..Get your Konami ID, and your GAMEid (this is the one that will display to others during a match). The servers were still a bit slow with regards to the downloads, but they seem to be working now, give it a chance, maybe 2 hours. I downloaded my second update through P2P and it started a bit slow with only 2 clients and running at 2.4-----kb/s. About 45 minutes later it picked up to about 30kb/s where they download percentage would increase every 10 seconds. Hopefully by tonight there will be NO MOREEEEE delays and we can all test the actual game and not their servers!

    Good luck!
  • I'm still trying to download the first one. I tried P2P and that wont work now! So i'm doing it from the server, had to start all over again, and its working, but slowly.....:rolleyes: