I've been excited about the "PSP GPS" accessory since hearing it would come to the U.S. this year. Well, details have been non-existent since, yet I am still excited about it :(.

    So, my question is two parts.

    1) Will the GPS Receiver (Only sold in Japan at the moment) work in the United States? I do not know if it comes with software that is in Japanese or what, if the language spoken is in Japanese, and if it only has Japanese maps.

    2) If the Japanese version will not work for me, are there any hard details about the U.S. PSP GPS device out yet? I haven't heard a thing. I just need to know when it is coming out, and price estimations.

    It aggravates me that this came out in '06 in Japan, and here it is '08 with no details on our version. What gives?

    Thanks in advance.
  • The disc that comes with the Japanese version would only have maps pertaining to Japan. The directions given would also be in Japanese so it would definitely be of not much use unless you were fluent in the language.

    Sony showed the GPS in North America at one of the recent trade shows (CES 2008 in Las Vegas) but not much has been said since. They did say it is definitely coming to North America in 2008 but were not able to give a price or firm date at the time (likely not till fall/ holidays). The Japanese unit translates to about $51 US so I would hazard a guess at about $40-45 US here.
  • Thanks for the information. Looks like I'm going to have to wait then.

    Well, hopefully I'll only have to tape a Google map to my dash a few more times this year :mellow:.

    Let me know if you hear any news on it Lyndon.