Sphere Grid Help!
  • I ran out of mana spheres and I can't find ant level lock spheres. Can you help? please...
  • You usually get lock spheres in boss fights. One thing you can do to get mana spheres is use mana distillers on the fiend to make it drop them. If you do not have any of those just keep fighting around until you get them.
  • SpeedDemon, about getting the lock spheres on boss fights, I've been fighting bosses and none of them has ever gave me lock spheres, the only lock sphere I got was the Lv 1 Lock and I got it from some guy during the game. I've defeated Seymor by now (before the weading), so as you can see I fought a few bosses already and no lock spheres so far. And what's the Distil-stuff? What's a mana distiller and where can I get it? :blink:
  • You're still a little too early in the game for the best area to get lock spheres.....you shouldn't even need any lock spheres unless you've been doing a bit too much leveling up already. Ther best place to find lock spheres will be in the Omega Ruins followed by Inside Sin...I never did find alot of lvl. 4 spheres but i think you can get those in the battle arena...I'll have to check..Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Yeah you are still a little to early to get them from bosses. By the time of the wedding you will be aquiring more of them. If you want lv 3 & 4 spheres I would try to fight the Defender Zs at the end of the Zanarkand Ruins, they gave me some. The best way, however, to get lv 3 &4 spheres is to bribe a Chimera Brain for 196,000 gil to get 2 lv 4 spheres, then you can bribe a Demonolith for 900,000 and get 40 lv 3 spheres. I know this may seem like a lot of money, but when you get Rikku's legendary weapon you will have no problem with money.
  • thanks! :D but how about the mana distillers? what's the Mana Distil or Power Distil etc do?? :huh:
  • Oh, later in the game in the Calm Lands you can buy these from the guy who runs the Monster Arena. What you do is use like a Mana Distiller on an enemy and they'll drop 1 or so of Mana spheres or whatever distiller that you use....there are distillers for the four main spheres: Power, Mana, Ability, and Speed. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • They make the fiend drop power or mana shperes.

    EDIT:(looks like mad posted while I did) You will also aquire them from enemies after battles.