Phone Calls Interupt Connection
  • I purchased a PS3 for my boyfriend a few months ago. I immediately hooked it up to our network via wireless Linksys router because I love the idea of surfing the net from the couch on a huge TV. All was fine until my boyfriend began playing on-line. Currently he is in the other room playing Call of Duty 4 (or one of those army games) and I can not stand to hear him upset so I am on the Internet looking for a solution to our problem.

    Every time someone calls us, the connection on our PS3 is interupted. I would understand the problem if we had cable phone through our cable company (Time Warner) wich provided our Internet service. We do not. Our phone service is a traditional land-line! Most of the phones in the house are cordless. Is it possible that they are somehow on the same frequency? I just unplugged every cordless phone in our house and we are operating with a single archaic wall phone. When I call my house from my cell, the connection did not interupt... but then, I plugged one of the cordlesses back in and my cell phone call to the house still did not interupt the connection.

    Could this honestly be the problem, or is it just coincidence that the connection seems to interupt only when the phone rings?

    Thanks for any help.
  • Is the PS3 on a wireless connection? If so, is the router using 2.4 GHz? I ask this because things like microwaves and cordless phones can interfere with the wi fi signal. You might want to consider switching some of the cordless phones for regular corded. You may have had too much interference going from having several cordless phones on the go.
  • Gosh darn it, yes... 2.4 Ghz! I do not know much about phones... I'll keep unplugging certain ones in the house until I find a balance. Do you happen to know if there are phones out there that do not run 2.4Ghz? Phones are cheaper than routers...

    Thank you for pointing out the problem.
  • A majority of the newer cordless phones use 5.8 GHz and won't interfere- just have a look next time you are doing some shopping around the department stores. You'll see them in the home electronics.