• how do i play online
  • You need to have a broadband internet connection, such as cable or DSL. If you have one of the older model PS2 systems (the big one) you will also need to buy the network adapter- you may be able to find these in an EB Games or department store still, otherwise I would hit eBay. If you have one of the newer slim models, then you have the ethernet port built in.

    While I do suggest you have a router in place to share the internet connection it isn't necessarily needed (but it does allow you to have the computer online at the same time, just in case you need to come back to ask more questions while playing ;) ).

    If you don't have a router turn off the modem, unplug the ethernet cable from the back of the PC and connect that to the ethernet port on the PS2 (looks like a slightly larger phone jack). Turn the modem back on now and you are almost ready.

    Your PS2 should have come with a set up disc for making a connection file- if you don't have this almost all PS2 games with online play have this built in. Put a game with online play in and go to the online portion of the game. It should ask you to select a connection- pick "make a new connection" to go into the set up. You should be able to go with all easy/ automatic settings if connecting directly to the modem. Go to the end to test the connection- if it tells you ok you are good to go. It will save this onto your memory card for future use.

    On a sidenote to others reading this, he's in North America so don't bother mentioning Central Station- that's just for the PAL territories. ;)