NO image no sound?
  • :confused: my psp stop working they have power the green light is on they no have image and sound and the green light turn off after some seconds. it is a internal problem whit some components can you tell me which one it is ?
    thank you.
  • You have tried the system with the ac adapter/ charger plugged in?

    BTW, i closed the poll you made, it wasn't needed. ;)
  • yes I tried and nothing happen?
  • You may want to try taking the battery out and putting it back in, just to make sure it is firmly in place. If that doesn't help, do a switch with a friend with the batteries (if you know someone else with a PSP) just in case it is the battery at fault.

    If your PSP still doesn't work after that you are left with no choice but to contact Sony's tech support about repairs- there would be nothing you could do yourself unless you are very handy at handling electronics repairs.
  • you know if is a typical problem?
    thanks for the answer.
  • No, this sort of thing is not what one would call "typical", although we have had about 3 people (including yourself) with this sort of problem. It is a simple fact that small percentages of hardware will get a defect of some sort- you wound up drawing the short straw and getting one of these.
  • Yeah there have been a couple of people with the same kind of problem lately? Sounds like there may be defects, yeah.
    Ring Sony mate.