I bought a new ps3 controller last week and this morning it stopped working.
  • Hello my name is Nicole,
    I have a problem that I need help resolving, I recently bought a new dualshock ps3 controller last week, It was working fine untill this morning, I pressed the little circle to turn it on and nothing happend, so i pluged it in to the ps3 to see if maybe it was dead and needed charging since it did die all the way. I lef it plugged in with out useing it or touching it for at least half of the day. I once again tried to turn it on and nothing still. (Also when i plugged it in to charge the lights are supposed to blink to let me know its charging, and no lights blinked at all.) I tried the reset button on the back and nothing, My other controller charges fine and works fine so I know its not the game system or the usb cords. Its brand new and it would dissapoint me if I just wasted $50 on a controller. Is there anything that I can do to save my controller, or a way I can get a new one without spending more money. Please tell me or help me im despriate. PLEASE

    Thank you so much for your time!!!
  • A connection may have come loose on the battery inside. If you still have your receipt your best bet would be to either exchange at the store you purchased from for another or contact Sony's tech support. At one week old you would be well within the warranty period for the controller and they should be able to send a replacement at no charge.