Can I Link 2 PS2's With The Optical Link?
  • Anybody?
  • To link two PS2's together you will need to do it via the firewire port (located right beside the two USB ports).You can find this at any computer shop.Any game that supports it will have instructions on how to do it in the manual.In most cases you will also need 2 TVs and 2 discs of the game,just as it did with the old PlayStation and the failed link cable.
  • Yep! I know all that, I'm a veteran Armored Core player. What I wanted to know is if the Optical link cable could do the same job. There is a feature in the settings section where it can be enabled.
  • The optical cable is available to give you the possible quality in sound that you can get with your PS2. You can connect the optical cable from the PS2 to your Optical ready Receiver to get the sound. No video signal is passed through this way and this is not a way to connect PS2s together. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Ok then, thanx guys! I thought as much, but a couple sites listed that it enabled linking systems in place of the i-link/firewire cable. I guess I'm just gullible. ;)