The Bevelle Monster On The Air Ship
  • hi all, i'm stuck at the point where i have to fight the big monster on the al bahd air ship. i've tried all kind of ways to fight him but when he gets under 10000 HP he spells him self with haste and finishes the battle in 2 turns : first he gets close to the ship with his "cut attack" or somthing and then the poisen breath, and it's game over.

    i've started the game again with a new direction in the sphare (trying to get the slowaga before i'll meet him again).

    doe's any one has a good way to beat the monster ? so i can keep up with the story.

    p.s. i know it's not the place but... i think i'm falling in love with lulu and not yuna, i've allready said that to lulu but it's not changing the course of the game. :(
  • Getting slowga won't help. It will do the same thing as slow. Slowga is only casts slow on multiple characters which will not help you out any. I just say level up before you get to him to be stronger. Make sure you cast slow on him and haste on all your party members. You may want to save some of Cid's salvos until the end of the fight to kill him off quicker. One other thing, make sure you have plenty of Al Bhed potions.
  • Yeah...It took me a few tries before beating this boss as well. You just need to persevere and keep trying your best and you'll eventually get it done. One thing that i found helpful was to do a bit of leveling up beforehand so that i knew that i was pretty strong and then the first few battles i looked for weaknesses and then i finally was able to produce a winning fight. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I had to fight this beast a few times also before beating him. All I did was level up alot and always! always always! Have all your overdrives filled to the brink before fighting a boss.
  • I've fought this guy a few times too. When he starts casting haste on himself, try to cast reflect on him. Then just summon Ifrit or Shiva. Try to have your overdrives full. Start the battle with Kimahri's Mighty Guard, then cast slow on the boss. I think you can use Power or Armor break on him, so use that too. Hope it helps.
  • i had loads of trouble with evrae bevells guardian but all i did was cast haste on all my players and then moved the ship away from evrae it takes quite a long time but use wakka and lulu and then use the rest of the characters to heal and put positive spells on youre party......

    he will than cast haste on himself which allows him to do the swooping scythe which is a bit of a pain but cure petrification keep rikku in sub as al bhed potions are really useful.......

    keep healing and using positive status effects use aurons breaks to destro evrae gud luck in bevelle another aeon awaits.................
  • erm just a point how can u use aeons against evrae when yuna has already been captured and is not in youre squad lol
  • don't use the ship movement commands, they're a waste of time (in my opinion). Evrae is easier to beat if you use Dark Buster or have a weapon with Darkstrike customized on it. Kimahri's Mighty Guard helps a lot.
  • well i used the move command but to be honest u r right actually i did use dark buster and like i sed aurons breaks as they work really well...

    that was just my crappy tactic mate not to proffesional lol
    keep posting