Full Motion Videos
  • I've read someday you can access, in FFX, to all FMV you have seen at the present moment of the game, but I cannot find that option. Will it be available only when you fininsh the game?! :unsure:
  • Go to the Luca thearter. There you will find people selling music spheres and memory spheres(or something like that). After you buy them go into the thearter, there you can play any music in the game, or watch the FMVs.
  • OH! :o i remember that, but it's really expensive!! The price they ask will increase with the number of fmv and music? or it's the same and you'll buy it and there it is, you can see them all? OR just ONE of the spheres will cost al that money? :blink:
  • You have to buy all the spheres seperately and it does cost alot of money. It's pretty cool to watch all the movies once you get enough money to buy them all. It may cost alot but in my case it was worth it. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Time after time, you'll get enough money before you finish the game.

    Theres lots a money out there you know, even if you don't intend it, you can't run awway from it. You'll be rich. Fate has chosen you to be rich!!

    you will be burried by your own money! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  • It will cost a lot of money alot, but it is worth it!! Don't you think.
    If you don't have enought money now keep on saving it's not impossible
    you know!!
  • LOLOL yeah... but I do have a life u know? :P hehehehehehehe
  • Once you get Rikku's legendary weapon, the Godhand, fully unlocked then you'll have the gillionaire ability which doubles money received in battle...then go into the Omega Ruins and just keep fighting....especially the Mime's which are always with one of those lizard type monsters in the form of a chest. Use the Steal ability and it'll either give you an item or the Mime will pop out...if it's a Mime then you will get 100k just for him....plus about 400 gil or so from the other monster....eventually you'll be at the 16 million mark as i have now gotten to. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • After you get all of the music spheres, three new ones become available - The Hum of the Fayth, Lulu's Theme, and Wakka's Theme. They cost 40000 Gil.