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    I want to know if the ps2 backup games are good or not, i mean i heard that sometimes the laser lens suffer for read this copies, in the other hand they are very cheap, around $5 each in my city, but i don
  • Might I direct your attention to this thread here. This should let you know the feelings and thoughts of "back-up" games here at APi.

    Thank you and welcome to the best site on the WWW.
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    Here's my advice.
    Backups are bad. Pirates should be shot in the head :angry:
    By pirating games you are stealing money from the developer. They need that money to pay wages, publishing, and other development costs, not to mention some of it would go into making new, fun games, which you would no doubt pirate again.
    Pirates are killing developers. Why would companies like Konami and Square put so much time, money and effort into something when they aren't gonna get thier full profits? Sure, they're doing alright now, but imagine if NES was easily piratable. FF1 wouldn't have sold enough to keep square afloat, and they would not be here today for you, me, and everybody else to enjoy.

    Support Our Beloved Developers! Buy Retail!

    If piracy is what you're into, maybe API isn't the right place for you.
  • Yes....i could get into a piracy speech....blah blah....yackety smackety and what not but that really doesn't benefit you or me because i sound long winded(because i would be) and it's no fun to do. I'll tell it like it is. You have a chance to buy a game for $5....not that bad of a price...only thing is you probably don't have the manual to refer to or a nice case to put it in....you also don't have one thing that may be important to you after you have decided to play one of these titles and that is the fact that your PS2 can die on you anytime. Mod chips...as they're called...have an entire new circuit that bypasses the security functions of the PS2 which(especially once online) can cause many problems as you will see bugs after bugs eat at your system and lose alot of quality gaming. Another thing that this chipset will do is cause massive amounts of heat which can eat away at the PS2 board as well as some of the leads causing a short in the system and basically destroying your console. If you have one of those USB mods then you don't have to worry about the heat but you not only lose the two USB connections but it slowly deteriorates these USB plug-ins and eventually the PS2 is dead. Not sure about you but i know that i would want a $200/$300 doorstop that probably wouldn't even prop a door open anyway. My recommendation is to think about what could happen to you in the long run....especially if you were to get caught with copies of the games(copyrighted material) as it is unlawful and the fines wouldn't be any fun. Just think to your self if not just paying regular price for games isn't worth it.....because all-in-all it is a very wise choice. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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