Guitar hero 2 cheats
  • I have for the life on me tried to enter the cheat code for all songs to be unlocked. How and exactly where do you enter the code? I am assuming that you enter the code on the career/quickplay menu screen. Please help.
  • To get this code to work you enter it at the title screen, not the game mode selection screen.
  • I seen that response to a previous post. What exactly is the title screen? If you enter it anywhere other than career/quickplay screen, when you hit the red button it backs you out. What the heck am I doing wrong?
  • It's the first screen you see when firing up the game, just before you hit start and choose your game mode.
  • Seriously, I must be an idiot. I turn the game on, the guys play the guitar, then goes to guitar hero II screen press any button to continue, then it goes to the career/quickplay screen. I tried putting in the code while they were playing and on the press any button to continue screen. I have tried strumming and not strumming. What am I doing wrong? I'm using the b,y,o,r,o,r,y,r,y,r,y,r,y,r. It is not unlocking all the songs.
  • You have one too many r's in there- lose the one after the second orange button press.
  • It still isn't working for me. I let the guys play and as soon as it says guitar hero 2, I enter the code. You strum it, right? There is also a screen after you press any button to continue that explains the guitar. I tried that screen too. What exactly does the screen look like and do you strum the colors individually or not?
  • That is the right screen, where it says "Guitar hero 2". You don't need to strum along with the button presses, however- that may also be where you are getting messed up. Just hit the buttons.