Boss Fight After Calm Plains
  • I was in Calm Plains and I saved the game and Seymor's guards told me to go with them and my party refuses and they call a big stone monster who appear to attack even when it's not its turn and it KOs one fighter with just one strike! :angry: Damn, how can I beat THAT?! My Aeons are useless 'cause the die with two attacks and the boss has 64.000 HP! HELP!! :(
  • I would very highly recommend going back and leveling up in the Calm lands or Macalania Forrest...your choice...or both...even better. That is the only advice i can give right now because right now i don't recall the battle so i'm going to need to go back to that area to see if i can find out for you..Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • it sounds like the Defender. before you go to that part, go to the guy at the Calm Lands Battle Arena and buy the weapons he's selling for Auron, Kimahri, Tidus, and Wakka. then wander around the Calm Lands and kill at least one of every enemy type with those special weapons. make sure you put Yuna in at least once during each and every battle, even if only to defend. the Aeons' power increases when Yuna's power increases. you might want to do the same with Kimahri, and make sure he learns Steal and Curaga. Regen will be a great help too.
    while you're capturing monsters, summon each of Yuna's Aeons and fill their Overdrive meters. stop by the shop in the center of the Calm Lands and buy at least 50 of all the status-curing items and Phoenix Downs.

    return to the place where Seymour's goons try and get you. make sure to use Power Break, Mental Break, and Armor Break on the big boss monster. if he KOs someone, use a Phoenix Down on them. don't use curing spells, only use Phoenix Downs and Life magic. summon as many Aeons as possible and use their Overdrives immediately.
  • It just doesn't sound like you have leveled up enough. Have some fun in the Calm lands. Lots to do there.
  • All I can say apart from everybody is cast haste on everybody. I beat quickly by just attacking with my party members, but thats only because I spent a lot of time leveling up.
  • Still I don't know a thing of FFX (I just have a demo...) but when I get there I can use this as a helper or something..
  • Cast haste on your guys and use Armor and Power Break on him. This makes him MUCH easier to beat. Also, try to have a lot of Al Bhed or Hi-Potions handy. If you still have a lot of trouble, level up, and when you do beat him and get to Zanarkand, you'll be strong enough to have some fun with him (I'm pretty sure he is there as an enemy).
  • to be honest i didnt think that this boss was that tough and all tha hype that went on about it was over the top .....i was quite disgusted wen theysaid this i found so far (i am at lady yunalesca) that bevells guardian evrae or seymour (the one u fite after u meet the ronsos)were the hardest
    the sanctuary keeper in mt gagazet was alrite but after 3 tries i found my way of overcoming him in about 6 minutes no joke then came spectral keeper who was very very easy but no comes lady yunalesca her first and second forms are easy if u protect against zombie status u need x10 candle of lifes to gain this armour ability i dont think u can beat this boss without it....oh by the way if u need this ability u can steal two of these candle of lifes from every fallen monk which are in the zanarkand dome....