Prince of persia.sands of time
  • I have come 33% of the game and the chapter is called "there`s something glowing up there".I have pushed the stone through the hole so I can reach the ladder downstairs.I have also drained the floor from water so I can run up the wall.And now I don't know where to go or what to do.Thanx for helping.
  • Once up the ladder enter the door and hang from the edge on the other side. Drop down and head right. Go through the hole in the grate. Once on the other side hang from the ledge and go left. Jump off from here to the column behind you then turn yourself so that your back is facing the wall currently to your left. Jump off and you should grab a narrow ledge. Jump up and grab another ledge above you and head to the right past the grate.

    Drop to the ledge below and grab the rim in the corner. Jump off to grab the pole behind you and swing to the next platform. From here you will need to do a couple of wall runs to the door. You should see a pole over your head- run up the wall beside the door and jump off it to grab the pole. Swing across the poles to get to the other side of the room. Get on the ledge and head for the door, taking care of any obstacles in the way. You'll see a button on the floor that opens the door- get past the spinning blades here to come up against some more enemies to fight. You'll find a save point after this battle.