How To Cheat Without Cheats ?
  • Ok, i dont know if this is a cheat or just part of the game.

    But anytime youre in an area and you take out a guard - shortly afterwards youre hear 'Report' followed by 'Communication has ceased in [I]blah blah [I], send in a investigation/back up team'.

    This can be pain in ass if youre collecting dog tags and other items cos it gives you very little time before a team comes into the area to investigate and wake the guards you've just knocked out.

    I've discovered if you leave the area/room before you let the guy finish talking ('...send in investigation team in [I]blah blah[I]') and walk straight back in the room - there will be NO team investigation until the next check call. This buys you more time to get those darn tags off the guards without worrying about a investigation team spoiling things for you.

    (Note: it helps that you are close to an exit when using this method otherwise you may not have enough time to run out)

    I found this very helpful in Strut F: Warehouse and Strut D: Sediment Pool.
    Hopefully this will help newbies collecting tags in the game.
  • One thing that I have found is if you drag the body far enough away from the guards normal patrol route then they really don't go too far to look for him. If you can drag him into a separate room that is likely the best thing to do.
  • Yes Rex - that would be the usual way of doing it, but my method works in all cases and is the quickest way of getting the tags with minimum interruption.