Raimnbow Six: Vegas 2 Tip
  • Hi,

    I added a tip today (unfortunately I've tried to add on the wrong game) - the tip was for Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 (but I didn't include the all impotant 2!!)

    Rainbow 6 Vegas: (2!!!)
    In The First Level On Story Mode (part 2) There Is A Glitch Where There Is A Respawning Terrorist & You Can Keep Shooting The Same Guy Until You Run Out Of Bullets. Rank Up & Also Get Marksman Points At The Same Time.
    Here\'s How It\'s Done:- Where You Have To Get Your Team Mate To Disarm The Bomb, Before Clicking X To \'disarm The Bomb\' Plant A C4 Charge On The Groundfloor Lefthand Shutter (where A Turret Is Hidden Behind). Then Move Within 3m Of The Bomb To Get A Good View To The Upstairs Turret (you Would Be Aiming Behind The Left Hand Pillar Upstairs). Get Your Buddy To Disarm The Bomb, Then Blow The C4, Killing The Person Behind & Starting The Spawn On The First Level. Here You Could Either Wait For The Men Upstairs To Man The Turret Gun & Get \'turret Gunner Kill\' Up, Or Move To Aim Behind The Pillar With Multiple Headshots (i\'ve Used All Of My Ammo Before Re-setting The Level To Go Again) Rank Up In No Time :-)
  • Not a biggie- when we go checking through the submissions to approve cheats we'll try to remember that one is in the wrong game. Meantime, I'll set this in the PS3 Game Help section for people to check out.
  • Hello there,

    Since there is a topic about R6V2 i will post here instead of opening a new thread.

    Well I am currently playing this online and I am having a small problem. Well I notice that when I end up with a player infront of me and i open fire before him, I tend to die very often. Now if he gets a head shot I understand me dieing 1st but most of the cases I just die 1st anyways.

    When this happens I tend to aim to the torso and fire. Should i try go for the head always? With the joypad it is hardish to be that fast.

    Could it be that my weapon or armour is not good enough yet since I dont have many stuff unlocked? I usually go for an assault rifle with a 6X scope.

    Also would you suggest that I go for a mouse + keyboard combo for it if it can be done and if it is so what kind of mouse + keyboard should i look for?

    I would prefer to stay with a joypad tbh but I kinda get killed one on one close quaters. I just the same enjoy the game very much and usually am in middle place (unless i end up with a group of gurus lol)

    Well fire up some tips guys cmon.
  • Ow wanted to add.... do you find pistols usefull in one on one? and when do you use them?
  • A number of factors can affect those one-on-one battles Zeppi, be it armour combo's, weapon, quickness and accuracy. Here's a few pointers;

    Alway's aim for the head if possible, just remember to move your aim up a little when you respawn, this will soon become a habit and you'll find yourself always aiming at the head. This is useful as it knocks out the armour factor! If you aim for the head, they die in a second and it doesn't matter what armour they have on, because your headshotting them..;)

    On the weapon side of things, an assault rifle is usually pretty effective in one-on-ones. An SMG is quicker, but to be honest there isn't that much difference and if you go for headshots you should be fine.

    Unless your a PC veteran and you really know how to use a mouse and keyboard on RB6V2 i would still suggest stick with the joypad. It's just as quick in my opinion.

    Ohh, and no! If you go into a one-on-one with a pistol and the other guy has an automatic weapon, you really have no chance.

    I suppose in one-on-ones it's all down to your accuracy and speed (reflexes), maybe the 'other guy' is beating you to it in terms of quickness, or maybe you're accuracy is not up to scratch?

    I suppose the key pointers here are aim for the head area at all times and be quicker than your opponent plain and simple. You'll be winning them in no-time...:)

    P.S. It can always be a better strategy to avoid one-on-ones. If you know a corner is likely to have an enemy on the other side of it, hug the wall and take a peek. Also, camping (even though a little no0bish;)) will net you high scores. Stay in a high, strong position where you feel safe and kill anyone in sight. Soon you'll be finding those ultimate camping spots and racking up the kills. There's a different approach to every game....;)

    Good luck Zeppi.
  • Ta mate,

    I will practice my head shots.

    I do like to find a nice spot where I can have a good vision but I wont camp spawn points. I consider my self to be a fair player.

    Now another question.

    On the versus you can choose the gps scanner and the motion sensors. I cannot figure how they work. If I activate the gps on a versus battle it will start like beaconing but nothing else. And the motiuon sensor I know how to set them but how do I know that someone tripped it. I been trying to find out but cannot figure out wht signial it gives.
  • nevermind I found it out :) you need to enable the ingame scanner from the options menu for versus fights. I was playing without it.
  • A new question for R6V2...

    Is there a way how to customize the Guest player in the split screen ersion. That is change the name, sex and so on?
  • When you are just about to go into a split screen co-op game, there should be a screen showing both of your characters right? This is where you select your weapons and so on. If there are none of those options in there (name and sex i doubt will be there), then it isn't possible to do them i'm afraid...:)
  • I thought so just wanted to check with you guys too.