• Woohoo, got the game finally. On to my question, how do you beat dark valefor, i need to beat him to get anima, can anyone help me please. I am getting really annoyed at this. Who should i use, their recommended strengths and such? Thanks in advance.
  • Well....at that juncture i used Ifrit to beat Dark Valefor but make sure that your Aeon's have their overdrive ready so you can blow the other out of the water(metaphysically speaking that is). Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I have look every were and i cant find any dark aons. could you tell me were thay are. also does the game have to be a certan version? B)
  • You don't actually get them as Aeons...This would be the ones that Belgimine uses in Remiem Temple East of the Calm Lands....when i say east...you actually have to go to the Calm Lands...go up that little hill leading back to Macalania Forrest...pass that exit and(with a chocobo) jump at the choco feather. Of course i didn't think that you had to beat him to get Anima but i could be wrong because i beat him beforehand......were you talk about Dark Valfor, cricketrules or did you mean Geosaganeo? Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Use Yojimbo. He has a very high evasion rate so nothing really hits him. Just pay him like 1 gil and do that until the aeon is dead.
  • Its the one at Besaid. I missed the destruction sphere at Besaid. Thats why it is impeding my way to get Anima. Its in the PAL version. Shoulda mentioned that, sorry. Ive tried using Yojimbo many times before, but he always gets attacked and isnt able to evade the attacks. I cant summon more than twice, i always seem to die. Thanks guys, but what you're suggesting isnt working for me. Do you have any more hints?

    EDIT: According to some game guides ive read, it says that Dark Valefor has 800 000 hp.

    The problem is the fact that i dont have Anima :( and thats why im having trouble. Currently, Dark Valefor is doing 9999 damage to each of my party. I can not even hit him using my usual party, unless i'm using Wakka.
  • I personally haven't fought him, but he can't be as hard as most of the monsters that the Monster Trainer makes in the Calm Lands, and I've beaten almost all of the Area Conquest monsters. I just cast Hastga, come in with my overdrives full, and if that doesn't work, I just use Magus Sisters. Cindy currently has more 20000 life and Sindy's strength is maxed (255) so she always does 99999 to just about any enemy. Try to get Yuna's stats as high as possible to power up all the Aeons. Just check the 'Leveling Up' post for more info.
  • these are the location of the dark aeons:-

    dark valefor=besaid village
    dark ifrit=sanubia desert.
    dark ixion=thunder plains north near save sphere
    dark shiva=macalania temple,entrance
    dark bahamut=zanarkand dome,the beyond.
    dark yojimbo=cavern of the stolen fayth,near save sphere.
    dark anima=gagazet,mountain gate.

    dark sindy=(magus sister 1)
    dark sandy =(magus sister 2)
    dark mindy=(magus sister 3) they can all be found on the mushroom rock road.location unknown

    the dark aeons will appear once u have completed all the tasks relevant to the story...

    hope this helps.....
  • you get anima in the baaj temple which is a secret location once u have the airship u need special co-ordiantes ....
  • Thanks guys, i just defeated Dark Valefor. Granted, i started another game, got Anima and Magus Sisters straight away instead of unknowingly leaving the Besaid Destruction Sphere behind and ended up spending another 80 hours on the game :blink: . It wasnt exactly the most encouraging way to beat him either. I had done 300 000 damage, yes 300 000 damage, leaving 500 000 more damage left. I summoned Yojimbo and he used Zanmato :( and killed him off. I really wanted to kill him/it/her/whatever truthfully. Truthfully, i mean properly.
  • Would someone tell me who or what Yojimbo is?
  • Yojimbo is a bounty hunter, better yet, he's the soul of a bounty hunter in the form of Yojimbo. The "dog" was the bounty hunter's hound. Is that what you meant or did you want more? Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well, I mean that I've never seen him in the game before, where do you find him?
  • He's in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. When you are leaving the Calm Lands on the way to where it is that it goes to...instead of crossing the bridge, go right and go under the bridge....when the screen changes angles, you will want to go as far left as possible and you'll go into the cavern....then just go all the way to the end and you'll find out what happens. There are a few side places that you may want to try while in there. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I'd really like to know how you guys defeated Dark Valefor because when I fought it, it attacked at first place with it's Overdrive and took 9999 to each character and it was Game Over!! :angry: This happened every time I tried to beat it!
  • Hey Sky High,
    you know the attack that did 9999 damage to your whole party, i hate to tell you this but that ain't his overdrive :huh: , D. Valefors overdrive does 50 000 or so.

    Heres how i did it (or was planning until Yojimbo Zanmoto'd him :D )
    Make sure all of your characters really strong, try over 150 (once you reach the hundreds try fighting him every now and then) in all departments to be safe. Get all the secret aeons and power them up (and i mean POWER THEM UP), try to get them in over 200 in each department. Have all of the Celestial Weapons, all of them.

    Now that you have done that, if you have a good strategy is like this ;) :
    you should have the first turn with your agility. What you should do, well, what i did was this (these were my characters and status and stuff).
    have auron attack (hopefully with an overdrive if you have it). THen was Yuna's turn in which i summoned an aeon, i chose Anima first. Get her to attack until she dies. Then should be Tidus's attack, have him cast Hastega. Try to keep your whole party alive using Tidus and Auron (yes, for once they can be a healer), and whenever it is Yuna's turn summon, you must summon since Dark Valefor is very strong. In order, summon Anima, Magus Sisters, Yojimbo, Ifrit then any after that. If you can't beat it you may need to strengthen up a bit more or you could also try a different strategy.

    Hope i helped.