PS2 Controller Port Connection
  • I noticed that my controller pad wasnt working so i decided to open up my PS2 and see what was going on. When i opened it I dicovered that the controller port was unconnected, but when i tried to reconnect it, it wouldnt go back in. What should i do with it? Can you please help me as it is the only form of entertainment i have.
  • Other than buy a new system? There are some sites out there that sell replacement parts such as the controller ports- if you are handy with this sort of thing you could do that. Unfortunately we are not allowed to link to these sites directly- a Google search for "PlayStation 2 parts" should find you what you need.
  • How do you replace it if i am able to as i am quite handy with tools. can you please send me a detailed way of how to do it with images if possible
  • This sort of thing would require going right inside and doing a bit of work onto the motherboard itself. Unfortunately, many of the guides I found online were being sold for profit so I'm unable to link to them. A search for "PS2 repair" will find a number of sites that can provide the parts you need and even some that will do the repairs for you for a fee.
  • thank you for helping me out