• I seems to be the final battle against Seymor, when he tells he killed all the Ronsos... I can manage the first half of the battle fine, but when he does de Total Anihilation, it's game over in that moment! What can I do???? :(
  • Like always, caste haste on yourself and Bio on him which kills him quicker. If you people are not strong enough to handle the attack I recommend summoning an aeon and doing their overdrives before Seymor gets his attack so it will kill the aeon and not your party.
  • it aint the final battle by far u still have to fite 1 last form of seymour wen u r inside sin at the end....
  • Total Aniq... what the..? He never used that attack against me!!!!
  • Its an attack that does a lot of damage to your party members.
  • He's already beaten this part, if not the game by this point which you can read about right here as well as a great strategy to beat him if you're looking for help in this battle. I am closing this thread now since the question has been answered. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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