Ecco The Dolphine.
  • Hi, can anyone tell me if Ecco the Dolphine is a good game? I was a fan of the old Sega versions.

  • Well, i will say that it is much easier to control than the DC version without soooo much wandering around without finding what you need to. If you liked the Sega versions then you would love this title for the PS2...Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I rented the game, it's not that bad. I wouldn't play it all the time, but I would probably
    play it a couple times per week.
  • Thanks for the advise! I'll just rent it I just wanted to make sure I didn't waste my $3.50 for nothing. haha.
  • Is Ecco a good game?? In a word..NO!!

    I hated it on the MegaDrive and I played the demo for PS2 thinking, "Oh well, a bit older and considerably more experienced...should be easier"
    I found it horrendously difficult to control and not even remotely entertaining! Could be that I had the fat hump with it after 10 mintes though!!

    I realise this is a terribly biased opinion so all I can say is that if you liked it on the MD you'll probably like on PS2 coz it doesn't seem to be much different!
    So much for progress!!!! :rolleyes: